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7 Crucial Elements Of UI & UX Designs

March 25, 2022

As designers, we are always obsessed with the thought of improving the experience we provide to the end-users. In fact, it is important for us to incorporate the right design elements to deliver the best User experience possible and encourages returned users.

If you struggle to decide which design elements to incorporate, use this checklist of our favorite UI & UX elements to save your time and improve your design for the better.

Visual Hierarchy: You must have encountered websites that are crowded with content and design elements, and you have no idea where to begin reading. The fiasco happens because those websites don't have a clear visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy helps your users to navigate the site or app more effectively.

Use Icons: You already know what icons are. You see them everywhere, both online and offline. When you use icons appropriately in your designs, it will bestow countless benefits. As the icons are universal, people can recognize them easily even if they don't speak your language. Plus, using icons will make your design visually more appealing and allow you to save space.

Colours & Gradients: Choosing the right colors for your projects will turn your good design into a great design. Apart from making your design aesthetically pleasing, colors also have a psychological impact on the users. Even though the color theory may be subjective, it will certainly have a dramatic impact on how the user perceives your product.

Error Message: We all make mistakes, users do that too. When users are making mistakes, it is important to address the mistake with actionable instruction. When you give such error messages, be sure that your instruction is short and easily understandable.

Using Placeholders: When the users have to sign up or fill up forms, leaving empty boxes to add information is not user-friendly. Instead of that, you should use placeholders with sample copy as it gives a clear idea to the users what to do. For example, when you are asking for their email id, your placeholder copy should be “yourname@mail.com”

Good Calls To Action: A call to action is a button or action copy that induces the users to take desired actions. It is a proven fact that well-written and well-placed CTAs can skyrocket purchases, leads, and subscriptions.

Use Cards: Cards are small rectangles made of images and text that lead the users to more detailed information about specific topics. It will enhance the aesthetics and usability.

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